Technology and installation


The EasyFlexWall system has a very slim structure (17 mm) and has 77 and 115 mm pipe spacings. It is particularly simple to install and can be easily adapted to round and curved shapes. 

The EasyFlex system can also be installed on ceilings and then plastered.


With 100 mm pipe spacing, SystemWall can be installed over large areas and operated with very low flow temperatures. This saves energy. On hot days it cools the rooms silently and without draughts.

This is how an EasyFlexWall is constructed: 77 mm or 115 mm

VarioProFile-pipe 11,6 x 1,5 – aluminium multi-layer composite pipe

Das Alu-Mehrschichtverbundrohr von Variotherm verbindet die Vorteile des Kunststoffes und des Aluminiums. Viele Vorteile = ein Rohr!

The VarioProFil-Rohr 11,6 x 1,5 uses the advantages of both aluminium and plastic. It combines five interconnected layers. That guarantees a slightly flexible yet dimensionally stable pipe.

The innermost layer is made of polyethylene and is temperature resistant. The inner surface is smooth as glass, making it impossible for deposits to form. The water flows through the pipe without resistance and with minimal pressure losses.

The profiled surface structure increases the outermost layer of the pipe by up to 10%. The larger surface means optimised heat transfer compared with other pipes with the same diameter. 

This is how an SystemWall is constructed: 100 mm

Perfect synergy between all components ensures optimum heating and cooling performance.

VarioProFile-pipe 16x2 plus+ – aluminium multi-layer composite pipe

The aluminium multi-layer composite pipe 16x2 has a surface structure that is up to 15% larger than that of conventional pipes. A larger surface area means optimised heat transfer. Five layers are joined together and utilise the advantages of both aluminium and plastic.

The inner surface is smooth as glass, making it impossible for deposits to form. The water flows through the pipe without resistance and with minimal pressure losses. 

EcoHeatingPlaster for SystemWall (SWHK2)

Der Variotherm ÖkoHeizputz wird als Unterputz zum Verputzen der System-Wandheizung/Kühlung eingesetzt.

Variotherm EcoHeatingPlaster is used as base coat plaster for plastering the wall heating/cooling system. The plaster is 25 mm thick. 

As a natural building material, it has outstanding ecological properties that have been awarded the IBO test seal. The plaster consists of plaster sand, additives and trass.

What is trass? A volcanic tuff rock that is dried and ground. The main components of these "pozzolanic" substances are silicic acids (insoluble in water) and alumina. Just add water at the construction site – and the eco-plaster is ready. 

Pipe work in an EasyFlex and system wall heating/cooling

EasyFlexWall as ‘designer heating’

Arrangement of the surfaces

Wall heating installations are used for heating occupied areas. For this reason, they should be evenly distributed over the interior sides of exterior walls. At normal ceiling heights (up to 3 m) in buildings with good thermal insulation, designing the wall heating/cooling system to a maximum height of 2 m above the finished floor level is sufficient.

In special cases (ceiling height > 3 m, e. g. halls, stairwells, therapy areas) the wall heating installations must be designed higher than 2 m.

Experience has shown that the comfort effect is perceived at a distance of up to 5 m from the heated wall. In larger rooms it is therefore advantageous to install wall heating systems on two opposing walls because the radiance effect on the body declines in proportion to the square of the distance.

Estimated values for dimensions:

~ 40% wall surface or 50–60 % ceiling surface of the room area for heating

~ 70–80% wall/ceiling surface of the room area for cooling

Caution: Observe the heating/cooling load calculation for precise dimensioning of the area required!

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Simple and quick to install

The VarioBars are simply affixed to the wall – whether it’s made of brick, aerated concrete blocks or solid concrete. The highly flexible heating pipes with a dimensionally stable form (VarioProFile pipes) latch quickly and easily into the VarioBars. The profiled surface of the Variotherm pipe guarantees optimum heat transfer. 

In general, any type of plaster can be applied that is suitable for wall heating and cooling systems. The ecological Variotherm EcoHeatingPlaster has high thermal conductivity and vapour permeability, and has been certified for its biological properties. It is used as the first plaster layer (base coat plaster) and encloses the VarioProFile pipes.

Die leicht biegbaren Heizungsrohre werden am Ziegel, Porenbeton, Betonwänden oder Lehmputz montiert.


Das Alu-Mehrschicht-Verbundrohr von Variotherm garantiert durch die profilierte Oberfläche eine optimale Wärmeübertragung.
EasyFlexWall: VarioProFile-pipe 11,6 x 1,5 plus+ with profiled surface structure
SystemWall: VarioProFile-pipe 16 x 2 plus+ with profiled surface structure
Mit der VarioSchiene das VarioProFil-Rohr einfach und rasch verlegen.
Mounting system developed by Variotherm
Die Alu-Mehrschicht-Verbundrohre sind mit dem Variotherm Rohrsuchgerät später leicht zu orten.
The pipes are easy to locate with the pipe locator or using thermofoil
Der elektronische Raumthermostat TOUCH HK regelt die Raumtemperatur beim Heizen und Kühlen per Fingerdruck.
Thermostats guarantee simple, fast regulation of the room temperature
Die Variotherm Heiz- und Kühlkreisverteiler sind bereits vorgefertigt zusammengebaut und druckgeprüft.
Heating/cooling manifolds are fully assembled and pressure-tested
Variotherm ProFile-Pipe